Event Description


The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Retiree Association held its 35th annual holiday celebration on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.  One-hundred-fifty-nine retirees and their guests enjoyed lunch at The Gazebo located in Warren, Michigan.  The menu included braised beef, baked chicken and tilapia with apple dumplings for dessert.  Patrons enjoyed the great music provided by Rick Love and both a Chinese auction along with a 50/50 raffle were also held. 

“First Timers” (from left to right) Joan Sieracynski. Jean Tymczak. Alice Tell-Innes. Patricia Chaney

Sue Slottke. Tony Martin. Naomi Morgan. Gloria Martin. Sue Tereshinski . Gwendolyn Hazel. Jewel Datcher 

“First Timers” (from left to right) Maryann Cutlip. Rose Camilleri