General Guidelines

The Executive Board consists of the officers and each committee chairperson.

Co-chairpersons may be appropriate for any committee. However, only the chairperson is designated to vote for that committee on any issue at a Board Meeting. If the chairperson is not available, the co-chairperson may be designated to vote instead.

Committee members and other Association members are welcome to attend Board Meetings and give opinions but cannot vote.

Standing committees may meet separately with their committee members as needed.

Past presidents may be utilized to monitor and advise the Board on Association activities.

Officer Duties Descriptions

The president will be the chief officer of the Association and chairperson of the Executive Board. This office will have the responsibility for the general management of the Association and will carry out the resolutions of the Executive Board.

The President will also have the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor the Internet Communications, Operations and Newsletter Editor Committees.
  • Produce an annual President’s report.
  • Interface with BCBSM areas, management and staff, in collaboration with the Operations Committee.

The Vice President will have all powers and functions of the President during the absence or disability of the President. In addition, the office will perform such duties as may be prescribed by the President or the Executive Board from time to time. The Vice President will also monitor the activities of the Membership Liaison, Planning and Social Committees.

The Secretary will have the following responsibilities:

  • Record and distribute the minutes of all Association member and Board meetings on a timely basis.
  • Secure Board meeting locations, schedule and notify Board members of monthly meetings.
  • Collect, assemble, copy and distribute all information for the Annual Membership Meeting, including past meeting minutes, committee and officer reports and the agenda.
  • Maintain Who’s Who list and other Association Board member listings, as appropriate, and distribute on a timely basis.
  • Have charge of all books and records of the Association except financial records.
  • Maintain the Association archives at BCBSM.
  • Provide historical data where needed.
  • Pick up Association mail.

The Treasurer will have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain all funds and securities of the Association.
  • Deposit all Association funds into appropriate financial accounts.
  • Sign all contracts in the name of the Association.
  • Counter-sign checks, drafts, notes and orders; these transactions as well as the execution of contracts require the prior authorization of the Executive Board.
  • Work with Financial Committee to manage Association investments.
  • Work with Financial Committee to recommend auditors for annual audit.
  • Facilitate annual audit.
  • Produce annual Treasurer’s report.
  • Monitor the Financial and Fundraising Committees.