• Can mean saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a vehicle purchase price.
  • Pricing: the X-Plan price is 4% above the Ford employee purchase price. Certain vehicles may be ineligible for the discount.
  • Vehicles listed for this discount are new 2014/2015 Ford and Lincoln vehicles – verify with dealership.
  • Some models may be ineligible for the discount. Refer to the website for vehicle eligibility.
  • Offered to BCBSM and BCN employees and retirees and their spouses.
  • Can purchase or lease two Ford vehicles per year
    at the Ford Motor Company X-Plan.
  • The following Supplier Code is needed:


Ford Partner Internet site –

  • Log onto the Ford Partner Internet site.
  • Visit a participating dealership, identify yourself as a Supplier Partner Recognition participant and provide the dealer with your PIN and Social Security number to confirm eligibility.
  • You will need to show proof of retiree status such as a recent pension advice, retiree ID badge or 1099 form.