Month/Date            Event                                                                      Location

January                        No Event
February                      No Event
March 24, 2022            (Thur)Genitti’s Hole In The Wall                        Northville
April 20, 2022               (Wed)Fundraising Event at Plymouth Manor Plymouth
May 12, 2022               (Thur)Spring Luncheon at Sindbads                   Detroit
June 21, 2022              (Tues)Edsel Ford Estate Tour/Lunch                 G P Shores
July 20, 2022               (Wed)Portofino Lunch and Boat Trip                Wyandotte
August 18, 2022          (Thur)Casino Bus Trip                                           West Mich
September 9, 2022      (Fri)Annual Golf Outing,                                      Riverbank GC/South Lyon
October 20, 2022         (Thur)Annual Meeting, Gazebo Banquet         Cen/Warren
November                    No Event
December 8, 2022       (Thur)Holliday Party, St. John Armenian Hall/Southfield